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28 May 2010 @ 05:07 pm
Rules and Regulations  

Rules and Regulations


1. There is to be no god modding of any kind. God modding will earn you an automatic and possibly permanent ban from the community.

2. In character drama should never become an out of character drama, and vice versa. Any and all problems of this nature should be reported to the mod immediately. This may also result in a muse cut, depending on the circumstances.

3. Players are allowed up to 4 muses, max. No exceptions regardless of activity level. Additionally, only 1 muse from any given band or group per player. Asian muses only.

4. Players must have a livejournal account for each muse; there is to be no sharing of accounts period.

5. Players must have an aim account; aim accounts may be shared between the player's muses.

6. Muse journals must be updated regularly. Any muses that do not make at least one post every three weeks may be subject to being cut from the community.

7. Any muse cut from the community must wait two weeks before placing a hold or reclaiming their muse. This is to allow new players who may, or may not be more responsible, to join.

8. All applications must be posted to the community and approved by the mod before the muse can play.

1. All patients are allowed to keep personal belongings so long as they do not include any banned objects. They are also provided with a laptop and journal account on the institution's closed server livejournal service. (Access to other proper sites is included, just not other livejournal sites.)

2. All packages and mail received is opened and checked through before delivered to the patient. This process generally takes up to one to two business days.

3. All patients are housed based on security level and are required to attend group sessions once a month as well as meet with their doctor once a week for evaluation.

4. All patients must be in bed, in their own room, by 10 pm. No exceptions.

5. Visitation and/or trips outside of the institution must have doctor accompaniment and approval by Boa Kwon, Board of Directors. This does not include any interactions within the institution between different levels of security patients. However, be aware that all high security areas and all-access areas have cameras.

6. All doctors are to act properly with patients, however, it is the patients' responsibility to report any type of abuse of themselves or other patients if it is witnessed.