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25 July 2010 @ 03:58 pm
Group 2: Session 1  
Muses Inside Amano Shinji (sexybeastshinji), Asada Makoto (mamurasaki_time), Kwon Jiyong (switchmeup), Ogata Hiroto (deadendbaby), Park Jungsoo (chunsateuk), and Kim Jongwoon (davethesheep)
Rating: PG-15 (Language)
Summary: Shinji and the patients get artsy. Sort of.

(aspirinmargarita) *sits quietly and waits for everyone to take their seats*
(ogataxhiroto) *drops into the seat furthest on the left, pulling one leg up and crossing his arms over his knee*
(licklikespeed) -sits in a squeaky plastic chair,ankles crossed and back straight, arms crossed loosely over his lap-
(chunsateukie) *sits down on a chair, fidgets to get comfortable, then wraps his arms around his chest and stares at the floor*
(davegoesbaa) *takes a random seat, setting his stuffed sheep on his lap and resists playing with its ears*
(kaokaobleh) -Settles in a chair further away from the group with a book and directs his attention away from the others.[
(aspirinmargarita) hello everyone. my name is shinji. how's everyone doing?
(chunsateukie) *shrugs*
(kaokaobleh) -Issues a small "tut" noise.-
(davegoesbaa) *utters a small "ok"*
(licklikespeed) -sighs softly- Fine.. you?
(aspirinmargarita) i'm alright. what have you been up to lately?
(kaokaobleh) -Flips a page in his book.-
(davegoesbaa) *looks down, knowing he hasn't been doing much*
(licklikespeed) -wrinkles his nose lightly- Nothing interesting, sadly..
(aspirinmargarita) *looks at kid with the stuffed toy* your name is jongwoon, isn't it? that's an interesting stuffed toy you have there.
(ogataxhiroto) *snort* Fuckin girl.
(aspirinmargarita) glad to know you're fine, hiroto
(davegoesbaa) *stays quiet, gaze down*
(licklikespeed) -raises any eyebrow-
(chunsateukie) *laughs shortly*
(kaokaobleh) -Yawns, then turns another page in his book.-
(ogataxhiroto) *rolls his eyes at shinji*
(aspirinmargarita) did you always have that sheep, jongwoon?
(davegoesbaa) *looks from side to side, wishing the attention wasn't on him*...yes
(aspirinmargarita) for how long now?
(aspirinmargarita) may i know what you're reading, gara?
(kaokaobleh) -Perks a brow.- Why?
(davegoesbaa) *squeezes the stuffed animal, trying to relieve his tension*...
(chunsateukie) *chews on his nails, looking around slowly*
(aspirinmargarita) just curious. you seem engrossed in it, so it must be interesting
(aspirinmargarita) what's up, eeteuk? nervous about something?
(chunsateukie) *looks over sharply, and shakes his head, tugging his sleeves down over his hands vefore pushing them into his lap* Nope. Just... ...*shrugs*
(kaokaobleh) ... It's Weaveworld, by Clive Barker. -Mumbles.-
(aspirinmargarita) i see. what's it about?
(licklikespeed) -glances curiously at Leeteuk-
(ogataxhiroto) *groans dramatically and drops his head on his arms.*
(davegoesbaa) *stays dead quiet*
(aspirinmargarita) anyway *distributes sheets of paper and colored pencils* there's something i need for you guys to do with me
(kaokaobleh) It is a horror novel about a parallel universe. Why?
(chunsateukie) *takes his paper and pencils and looks down at the blank paper quietly*
(kaokaobleh) -Wrinkles his nose at the pape and utensils.-
(licklikespeed) Is it the same book you were reading at dinner the other night? -trying to avoid the awkward silence-
(kaokaobleh) ... No. -Purses his lips.-
(aspirinmargarita) we're all going to draw our life timeline
(chunsateukie) .....
(kaokaobleh) -Furrows his brows.- What for?
(aspirinmargarita) basically, you draw a timeline and mark the highlights of your life. just mark them, no need to describe what happened at that certain point in time
(ogataxhiroto) Pass.
(kaokaobleh) ... What would be considered a high light?
(licklikespeed) -takes the paper and stares at it blankly- ... are we talking about these highlights or something...?
(aspirinmargarita) anything significant that happened to you. you met your first love, you had a fight with an important friend, someone died, things like that.
(chunsateukie) ....*bites his lip, staring at the paper*
(licklikespeed) -wrinkles his nose-
(davegoesbaa) *stares blankly at the floor*
(licklikespeed) -draws a straight line of the paper and leans back a bit, making just a few ticks on the timeline-
(chunsateukie) ....*draws a diagonal line that slants downward*
(kaokaobleh) -Sighs. He balances the piece of paper on his book, draws a line, and then, somewhere along the beginning of the line, before the center of the line, he draws a branch off of it, and leaves the rest blank. He returns to his book a moment later.=
(licklikespeed) -labels one tick as 'girlfriend died'- ... That's all I got... -holds it up-
(ogataxhiroto) *scribbles lazily on the paper*
(chunsateukie) *draws a happy face at the beginning and a sad face in the middle and a confused face at the end, then folds it in half and goes back to chewing his nails*
(aspirinmargarita) hmm. i see. when did this happen? *pretends to know nothing*
(davegoesbaa) *takes his paper and draws a zigzag across it and 2 marks*...
(aspirinmargarita) are you done, leeteuk?
(chunsateukie) ...*nods*
(aspirinmargarita) *looks at drawing* these highlights you marked, are the expressions here the same as what you felt that time?
(licklikespeed) Three years ago...-moves to stare down at the paper, finger tracing the two words-
(aspirinmargarita) how did you feel at the time, jiyong?
(chunsateukie) *little nod* I didn't want to be more specific...
(davegoesbaa) *erases one of the marks and leaves one instead, writing on top of it slowly*
(licklikespeed) It was sad she had to die... -seems to be still affected by loss-
(aspirinmargarita) what were in your thoughts during that time, jiyong?
(aspirinmargarita) *looks at leeteuk's drawing again* may i know when each of these happened?
(licklikespeed) -wrinkles his nose- I love her, what do you think I thought?
(chunsateukie) ...*looks around, not liking how everyone else is listening in* Well I think I was happy... at the beginning... ...I hope. *traces his finger down the line* But then I got all crazy and stuff... not really happy. ...*shrugs, skipping over the confused face*
(aspirinmargarita) i'd like to know what exactly you were thinking or feeling. regret? anger? or if you had any plans on how to go on without her?
(aspirinmargarita) so leeteuk, as a child, you were happy?
(licklikespeed) I just felt bad that it ended that way.. I missed her.
(kaokaobleh) -Pushes a page with the piece of paper, which he has already folded.-
(chunsateukie) I was normal.
(aspirinmargarita) *smiles* happy and normal aren't necessarily the same thing
(aspirinmargarita) are you done with the drawing, gara?
(kaokaobleh) -Shugs and hands over his paper-
(chunsateukie) ...*shrugs*
(aspirinmargarita) what were you feeling at each of these points?
(aspirinmargarita) how are you doing, hiroto?
(aspirinmargarita) jongwoon, are you done?
(davegoesbaa) *nods a little, even though his paper was still pretty much empty*
(ogataxhiroto) I'm done. *hands over a sloppy drawing of spiderman*
(kaokaobleh) here is only one... And you tell me how I feel.
(chunsateukie) *looks at it curiously and smiles briefly*
(aspirinmargarita) so what were in your thoughts during this time, jongwoon?
(aspirinmargarita) and hiroto, this looks awesome. you like spiderman?
(davegoesbaa) *stares at his blank timeline, wondering how to explain himself*
(aspirinmargarita) *pats jongwoon's shoulder* you don't have to tell us what happened. just what you were thinking and how you were feeling
(davegoesbaa) *softly*...nothing happened.
(ogataxhiroto) *scoffs and crosses his arms again, refusing to talk.*
(aspirinmargarita) *points at stuffed toy* do you remember the day you got this little guy?
(aspirinmargarita) it's a guy, right?
(davegoesbaa) *nods*
(aspirinmargarita) how did you feel that time?
(davegoesbaa) happy?...I was 3...
(licklikespeed) ... so why do you still have him?
(davegoesbaa) ...i had to have someone...or something.
(aspirinmargarita) someone...so does it have a name?
(davegoesbaa) ...Dave.
(aspirinmargarita) *smiles* awesome
(davegoesbaa) *nods a little and bites his nails*
(aspirinmargarita) okay, since everyone shared their drawing with me, here's mine *holds drawing up*

(davegoesbaa) *cocks his head to one side and wonders if that was a person sitting on his timeline*
(licklikespeed) ... why scrible it out?
(aspirinmargarita) *chuckles* hard to erase colored pencils. please ignore that mark
(chunsateukie) *looks at it quietly *
(davegoesbaa) *doodles all over his timeline*
(licklikespeed) It's sort of pointless if there's no explanation...
(aspirinmargarita) getting to that *points at first mark* around this time i started college and began my training as a nurse
(aspirinmargarita) i wanted to do something else, but i guess nursing school was okay
(aspirinmargarita) *points at second mark* lost my virginity. fun.
(licklikespeed) ... and how did that make you feel? -smirks a bit-
(chunsateukie) *laughs*
(ogataxhiroto) *snort*
(davegoesbaa) *smiles a little at that and keeps drawing*
(aspirinmargarita) nursing school? well i got to meet some cool people, so i had fun, even though i didn't necessarily like what i was doing.
(chunsateukie) I think he meant the other thing...
(licklikespeed) -is amused- S'okay... I think I got my answer either way...
(aspirinmargarita) *laughs* it's not hard to guess how i felt that time. but anyways, well...it felt wonderful.
(licklikespeed) -tilts his head a bit- How old were you? If it was after starting school...
(davegoesbaa) *listens to the conversation as he draws, thinking*
(aspirinmargarita) *grins, tries not to look embarrassed* 19
(aspirinmargarita) *points at third mark* this was the day i quit my first job. it was at a university hospital
(chunsateukie) ....Have you ever been in love? *asks random question very suddenly*
(aspirinmargarita) hmmm, good question. i thought i have, but when i look back, it doesn't seem that way. i guess i've forgotten how it feels
(aspirinmargarita) either that or i really didn't feel it
(licklikespeed) If you felt it, you'd remember...
(chunsateukie) How do you know what it feels like it?
(licklikespeed) -pauses a moment, pursing his lips- You just... really know. It's not something you can really over look, if you love someone... it's just impossible.
(chunsateukie) So if you don't know does that mean you aren't in love?
(davegoesbaa) ...*stops and listens*
(licklikespeed) Yes.
(aspirinmargarita) *tilts his head* interesting
(chunsateukie) ...oh.....
(licklikespeed) You'd just feel really incomplete without that person around, it'd drive you mad... -babbles out idly, glancing down a bit-
(chunsateukie) bites his lip thoughtfully*
(licklikespeed) You can't not notice that kind of feeling.
(davegoesbaa) ...*nods a little, not knowing what any of it feels like to say anything*
(aspirinmargarita) *smiles and keeps his drawing, choosing not to say anything about the last mark anymore* okay. last task, guys
(chunsateukie) *sighs a little*
(aspirinmargarita) we're all going to draw another life timeline, but this time, the timeline will be from today onwards
(davegoesbaa) *blinks and stares at his old drawn on timeline*...
(aspirinmargarita) and this time, i'm going to need you guys to be detailed. i want you to label each mark with the significant event that you want to happen
(chunsateukie) ...What can happen? We're in here.
(aspirinmargarita) use your imagination *winks*
(ogataxhiroto) I don't have to make a fuckin timeline. I want out, that's it.
(aspirinmargarita) put in there what you want to do once you're out
(chunsateukie) *sighs* I'm going to be here forever. *wads up the piece of paper slowly*
(davegoesbaa) *smiles and starts writing on his paper right away*
(licklikespeed) -draws a new line and stares-
(aspirinmargarita) no one else thinks that, leeteuk. but if you want, put in there what you want to do while you're here
(ogataxhiroto) *flips the paper over, draws a line with two tabs: buy guitar and find yuki*
(aspirinmargarita) how would you feel about buying a guitar, hiroto?
(davegoesbaa) *fills his paper of simple things*:3
(chunsateukie) *can't think of anyhting to write*
(ogataxhiroto) obviously I want to. *scowl*
(licklikespeed) -makes a few ticks and labels them 'get out', 'visit grave', get married'-
(aspirinmargarita) would it make you happy?
(aspirinmargarita) *looks over jiyong's drawing and smiles* that looks great
(ogataxhiroto) No, I'd be furious about it. *sarcastic*
(licklikespeed) ... -adds another tick before getting out and labels it 'sex'-
(aspirinmargarita) *chuckles at jiyong's drawing* good job
(aspirinmargarita) who else is done?
(davegoesbaa) *doodles something for every tickmark on his timeline*
(chunsateukie) I'm just taking things one day at a time. So I don't want to really do this.
(aspirinmargarita) have you made friends here, leeteuk?
(chunsateukie) Sort of.
(aspirinmargarita) you think you want to do something fun with those people?
(chunsateukie) There's not really much to -do- here.
(aspirinmargarita) there are a lot. you don't have to consider the rules *grins*
(chunsateukie) ...*blushes faintly, toying with the wadded up paper in his hand* Well. ...*doesn't know what to say to that*
(aspirinmargarita) anyone done?
(aspirinmargarita) well, here's mine *holds drawing up*

(davegoesbaa) !
(chunsateukie) That sounds nice.
(ogataxhiroto) What do you mean still? *smirks*
(licklikespeed) -snorts softly-
(aspirinmargarita) *chuckles* well, like i said, it can be anything. like finding atlantis, or something
(davegoesbaa) *smiles a little*:3
(aspirinmargarita) how are you doing, leeteuk?
(chunsateukie) What do you mean?
(aspirinmargarita) have you written anything?
(chunsateukie) Oh. ...*shakes his head* But I guess... I want to get out. Or something. ...And have privacy again.
(aspirinmargarita) would that make you happy?
(chunsateukie) I guess... it would be nice to be able to do things... without having to worry about the nurses... *trails off, realising that it's probably not the best idea to say that to a nurse*
(aspirinmargarita) *smiles* yeah it would
(aspirinmargarita) *looks over jongwoon's drawing* how are you doing, jongwoon?
(davegoesbaa) oh
(licklikespeed) -glances at Tora's timeline again, pausing- Wouldn't die satisfied be better? Diying happy just seems a little too imposible..
(davegoesbaa) I'm...done.*smiles a little*
(aspirinmargarita) that's great. care to show us?
(aspirinmargarita) *grins at jiyong* yeah, i suppose you're right
(davegoesbaa) *holds up his doodled over timeline*...I want to go to the beach and ride the ferris wheel at night with someone.
(aspirinmargarita) that sounds wonderful, jongwoon
(aspirinmargarita) so. anyone noticed how the present to future timeline seems happier than the past to present one?
(chunsateukie) Because it's just a dream...
(davegoesbaa) *nods a little*
(licklikespeed) -looks at his own timeline-
(aspirinmargarita) yes, but the fact that we can still dream is proof that we still have things to look forward to
(licklikespeed) Or things to be disappointed by...
(davegoesbaa) *nods again*
(aspirinmargarita) well pain is inevitable but suffering isn't
(chunsateukie) *chews on his fingernails*
(davegoesbaa) *pouts a little, still quiet*
(aspirinmargarita) alright. does anyone have questions? or something you want to say?
(davegoesbaa) *shakes his head*
(ogataxhiroto) can we leave?
(aspirinmargarita) if no one else has anything to say, yes
(aspirinmargarita) thank you all very much. you all did great.
(davegoesbaa) *stands up and bows quietly to the nurse* byebye :3
(licklikespeed) -waits for everyone else to leave and then pokes Tora lightly-
(chunsateukie) *gets up and slips away*
(aspirinmargarita) *waves at jongwoon and smiles*
(ogataxhiroto) *leaves quickly*
(aspirinmargarita) *smiles at jiyong* yes? need anything?
(licklikespeed) Will you walk with me...?
(aspirinmargarita) sure *reaches for pocket holding his syringe*