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03 August 2010 @ 10:28 pm
Name: Eru (Jo Sunghyun)
Fandom: Solo
Nationality: Korean
Age: 26
Level: 1
Disorders: anorexia, obsessive compulsive disorder, Hypochondriasis
Personality: Eru is a very nice person, he just has trouble getting past all of his mental issues in order to make personal connections with people. He is really nice and tries to always put others in front of him. Sometimes he can get whiny when he doesn't get his way. He's always had weight problems and went through a time when he was very overweight. That is when he tried out bulemia, but it was too gross, so he decided to just not eat instead. He loves music and plays the piano professionally. He's been in and out of therapy for his entire life. When his father realized how serious things had gotten with Eru's issues, he admitted his son into the ward, then had to convince Eru to really go. Finally, Eru agreed, seeing the fear in his father's eyes.
Writing Sample--

It wasn't very easy... deciding what to do. His father had told him that he needed help, he'd told him over and over. But Eru didn't want to listen, he was too busy flickering the light switch five times, then sorting his shoes by color, then washing and washing his hands until the skin was peeling off... And then the worst thing, staring at himself in the mirror and wondering if he'll ever, ever like what he saw. Maybe his father was right after all...

Journal: eruoftheworld
AIM: begintobreatheru
BoA Kwonboaxkwon on August 5th, 2010 12:13 pm (UTC)
Accepted. For information on room assignments, please go here.
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